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I know first hand that bonton treats their employee's like ***. I used to work for them, unfortunately, and I caught them in several lies.

Bonton will lie, cheat, steal, and do anything it has to, to keep business alive. It just amazes me ! They don't pay what the job is worth and they give no pats on the back for a job well done. They stick it to you instead.

Don't buy their overpriced merchandise as they mark it up more than 300 %.

The people who work in corporate are the worst. They are very hateful and deceitful.

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York, Pennsylvania, United States #627815

I currently work for the Bon Ton. I have no complaints as far as management.

They treat us well and are always very helpful if we need anything. They are also very helpful with any requests that I may have. They have always been polite to me and I enjoy my job a lot.

Those who you who complain about working at the Bon Ton probably just do not have the work ethic to work there. Good luck finding a job as I bet all of you who complained are also very lazy and do not want to do what is called work.


I worked for bonton a few years ago.The management treated all employees regardless of their age like children.

They were always coming around and hounding you to get them charges or else!

The job was so full of tasks that you had no time to concentrate on helping the customers.


I agree! I worked for Bon-Ton also. The management is terrible...They do not care about their employees!

All they care about is getting people to sign up for charge cards. Good deeds are never rewarded, but if you mess up...OHHH LOOK OUT!

You have to set up sale signs every other day. It was ***...

Glad I'm not the only one who felt this way! I worked in Pennsylvania. The store where I worked is now closed.

to Me Too! #581906

Setting up sale signs are ***? Its called work.

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